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944 Mt Eden Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland 1024 Ph: 09 625 7208 | Email: [email protected]

Cybersafety policies and guidelines govern the use of the internet and emails by employees and students at Three Kings School. Refer to the Three Kings School Cybersafety Policy.
Three Kings School defines a successful digital citizen as an individual who:

  • Is a confident and capable user of ICT
  • Uses technologies to participate in educational, cultural, and economic activities
  • Uses and develops critical thinking skills in cyberspace
  • Is literate in the language, symbols, and texts of digital technologies
  • Is aware of ICT challenges and can manage them effectively
  • Uses ICT to relate to others in positive, meaningful ways
  • Demonstrates honesty and integrity in their use of ICT
  • Respects the concepts of privacy and freedom; of speech in a digital world
  • Contributes and actively promotes the values of digital citizenship
computers in schools
computers in schools
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