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Senior School Responsibilities

We encourage our senior students to take on various responsibilities in Year 6 such as school patrols, library monitors and peer mediation. At the end of Year 5 students are asked if they would like to participate so that training (for example, for road patrol) can take place. There may still be gaps so if you’ve missed out, have a chat to one of the senior teachers.


Year 6 students volunteer to be lunch time librarians. They return and issue books at lunchtime and help other students to use the library effectively. We have 14 librarians for Term 1 and 2 and then have a new group of librarians for Terms 3 and 4.

Road Patrol

Each year a group of Year 6 students are trained by the Police Education Officer, Doug Jamieson. Training begins in Term 4 of the previous year. The monitors patrol the Mt Albert Road/Mt Eden Road intersection and St Andrews Road crossing. Monitors are on patrol each morning from 8.30am – 8.50am and from 2.55pm – 3.15pm. The school always appreciates the assistance of parent helpers at the crossings. A road patrol roster for students, teachers and parents is updated each term.

House Leaders

At Three Kings School we have 5 houses. Students are placed into a house on enrolment. The houses are Tui (blue), Kea (purple), Kiwi (yellow), Kakapo (green) and Pukeko (red). House t-shirts are worn on special occasions and at sporting events. Each year house leaders are appointed from the Year 6 group. Responsibilities include organisation of activities and events for the whole school.

Peer Mediation

The Cool Schools Peer Mediation Programme at Three King’s School teaches senior students to help children in the playground resolve minor conflicts peacefully. This helps maintain a safe, respectful, happy and peaceful environment.

This programme aims to:

  • Raise awareness of how people act in conflict situations
  • Teach lifelong conflict management skills
  • Develop leadership skills of mediators and promote respect for differences and diversity
  • Empower children to understand that they can make a positive difference in their homes, school and community
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