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Starting School as a New Entrant

Children joining us at New Entrants / Year One level, may start school on their fifth birthday or the first school day following. We’ll invite you to join us for a school visit about a month prior to your child’s fifth birthday. The purpose of the visit is to introduce you and your child to Three Kings School along with their new classroom teacher and friends.

On your induction visit you will receive a school prospectus and all the necessary information starting school, which you’ll be able to complete and hand to the school office before your child’s first day.

Transferring from another school

It can be a little scary having to change schools partway through your primary schooling. We’ll do whatever we can to make your child’s transition to Three Kings School a smooth one.

Please contact our school office so that we can provide you with the necessary paperwork, and arrange for a school visit. We operate a buddy system for newcomers so we’ll ensure that your child has someone in their new class who can show them around and help them settle in.

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