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944 Mt Eden Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland 1024 Ph: 09 625 7208 | Email: [email protected]


Our school will provide a learning community, which promotes a culture of inclusion, partnership, respect and celebration of student achievement.


All children will have access to quality programmes to achieve academically, physically, emotionally, socially, artistically and culturally to the best of their ability.

All children will acquire the skills to think creatively and critically, to solve problems and set goals.

All children will demonstrate self management, be effective communicators and demonstrate personal core values when relating to others.

Our educational programmes focus on the development of key competencies in thinking, relating to others, communicating, self-management and showing understanding of knowledge and contexts.  Values of respect, honesty and tolerance are promoted in the development of character and good citizenship qualities.

The importance of partnership between the students, staff and parents is a key component of our charter as we strive for excellence and endorse our school motto ‘Act Well Your Part’.

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